Admi­ralty, or mar­itime law, is the pri­vate law of nav­i­ga­tion and ship­ping and cov­ers inland as well as marine waters. It is the entire body of laws, rules, legal con­cepts and pro­ce­dures that relate to the use of marine resources, ocean com­merce, and nav­i­ga­tion. The term, admi­ralty, specif­i­cally refers to the British courts in Eng­land and the Amer­i­can colonies, sep­a­rate courts that tra­di­tion­ally exer­cised juris­dic­tion over all reg­u­la­tions and han­dling of dis­putes relat­ing to sea nav­i­ga­tion and com­merce. The admi­ralty courts have lim­ited juris­dic­tion but have remained a sep­a­rate entity. They have expanded to include all activ­i­ties on both the high seas and nav­i­ga­ble waters.

You can be assured that our lawyers have a full under­stand­ing of these laws and how best to pro­tect the client. We offer clients the same pro­tec­tion through our com­plete knowl­edge of mar­itime and admi­ralty law. We know which laws apply to the facts of your case, how to file mar­itime injury claims, where to obtain proper med­ical care, how to nego­ti­ate against pow­er­ful adver­saries, such as large com­pa­nies and their insur­ers; and we know how to lit­i­gate mar­itime injury and wrong­ful death cases. Lawyers  who prac­tice mar­itime law at AL OTAIBI are  hav­ing full com­mand on the  prac­tice of Admi­ralty & Mar­itime Law. They are well expe­ri­enced in all mar­itime lit­i­ga­tion and pro­vide fol­low­ing ser­vices to clients:

  • Mar­itime Insur­ance disputes–related to col­li­sions, oil spills or per­sonal injuries
  • Ship mort­gages and fore­clo­sures; in rem actions
  • Arrests of ves­sels and related mar­itime issues
  • Per­sonal injury and work­ers’ compensation
  • Inter­na­tional trade and car­riage of goods
  • Col­li­sions and other casu­alty losses
  • Pur­chase and sale of vessels
  • Char­ter Parties
  • Mar­itime prod­ucts lia­bil­ity litigation